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With soo many options out there it can be difficult to communicate exactly what you want sometimes, but don’t worry!  I just want you to have an idea of what you want to achieve (pictures are a plus!) and I will provide a realistic expectation of what it will take to get you there.

Here is a general list of the services I offer, and their base prices. You can find a more detailed list on my booking site.

Still not sure what to choose? No worries, just book a consultation. We will have a meeting of the minds, and together we will figure out which service is best for you!

Hair Treatments

Various add-on treatments to nourish and re hydrate dry and damaged hair. Formulated at a professional and in-salon only intensity

Hydration Treatment $

-,Hydrates hair that is lacking water, elasticity, moisture, and may be dull in color.

Restore & Repair $

- Strengthen hair that may be fragile or breaking.

Rosemary Scalp Treatment $

Two step treatment designed to remove build up, relieve itchy scalp and stimulate follicles for hair growth. If you suffer from an itchy or flaky scalp or just want to add a boost to your hair growth regimen this treatment is for you!

Olaplex Treatment…..$$ 

-2 step bond rebuilding treatment that rebuilds & strengthen the hair's cuticle from within. Results in less breakage, increased shine, less frizz, easier detangling, & better curl definition over time. This service is especially helpful for limp, heat damaged, & lifeless curls,Can also be added to any color service to protect the hair from any potential damage,  and is great for healthy hair to keep you on track to your #hairgoals.

Olaplex Mini Treatment…..$

-Only uses step 2 of the 2 step system to maintain the health of the hair. Often used on hair that is dry, color treated, or has been through heat styling.

Smoothing Treatment $$$

Improve the condition of your hair with a protective protein layer that reduces frizz and shrinkage. Enhances your curl pattern when curly, and allows your hair to straighten easier and last longer reducing risk of heat damage

Spa Setting

Hair Styling

All styles begin with a shampoo. First time clients are strongly encouraged to select a New Client Curl Rehab service.

Curl Experience - Price Varies

-Get and keep your hair on track with a series of treatments, cut/trim, and style options designed to get and keep your hair #CurlGoals.

Curl Set $90+

-Curl define, Twist-in, Twist out, finger/comb coils or any combination of the two. Includes dryer time and fluff. 

Signature Styles $115+ 

-Includes two strand twist, rod sets, and twisted updos.

Silk Press $90+

-Modern press and curl. No chemicals used to achieve silky straight hair that looks like relaxer. Treatment included.


Hair Cut


Curl Cut $90

-Dry cut specifically for textured hair to create your ideal shape and compliment your curls. Trim ends to maintain length goals.

Recommended every 3-4 months

Trim-add on $40

--Haircut performed on blow-dried hair. Trim ends to maintain length goals. Ideal for those who wear their hair straight and curly. Recommended every 2-3 months.

Tapered/Short Cut Maintenance $55

-Clippers are used to clean up hairline and take down hair off back and sides.


Hair Color

All hair color services receive shampoo & treatment. Price may vary by length, density, and detail of each personalized color service.

Root touch up $55

-blend new growth with previously colored hair.

Full Color $90 &up

-Solid, all over color.

Double Process Color $140 &up

-Results in one solid all over color. Hair will be pre-lightened before color is deposited.

Dimensional Color…..$200 &up

- Base color with added highlights & gloss.

Gloss $35 &up

-Solid sheer color that adds shine to dull hair, refresh existing color, or cancel out unwanted tones.

Highlights $100/$150 &up

-Partial/Full Traditional foil highlight for dimension includes a gloss.

Mini Highlight $50 &up

-Add a pop of brightness to your part or around your face (aka moneypiece)


Hair Extentions

All services begin with a shampoo. I carry a line of textured extentions available to purchase #lushcurlcollection

Clip-in Install $115 &up

-Express extension service. Hair is braided down and clips installed. Great for those who workout or switch styles often. Recommended to be worn up to 3 weeks

Sew-in Weave $225 &up

-Hair is sewn onto braided base. Hair can be left out or a lace closure can be installed for no hair out. Recommended to be worn up to 8 weeks

Braidless Sew-in $250 &up

-Wefts are sewn to a braidless base made up of micro beads. Super flat, seamless and versatile.

Weave Maintenance $115

-Shampoo, restyle, & tighten when necessary. Recommended bi-weekly while wearing sewn extensions.

Crochet Braids $180 &up

-Hair is braided down in a flat comfortable pattern before extensions are latched hooked onto base.

Recommended to be worn 4 weeks

Hair Salon
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