Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book over the phone? Do I have to leave a card on file?

I do not take appointments over the phone or through email. All appointments must be booked online. YOU MAY HOWEVER, Feel free to email or text me prior, during, or after booking. For questions, help booking, selecting an appointment, any questions or concerns. I make myself fully available to you all. Online booking is set up to help me and you get things done more effciently.

Are you in a Salon?

Yes, I have a private studio located inside Salons By JC in Hollywood

Can I bring my kids/friends with me?

I have a very intimate space so I would prefer that you come alone for space reasons. But rest assured I will never be upset because a child or friend is accompanying you.

Do you do childrens hair?

Yes, but they must be able and willing to sit and get their hair done. I do not offer special pricing for children.

How should I prepare my hair before my appointment?

For signature or extention styling the only thing I ask is to fully detangle your hair. If you have just removed a protective style, Do Not wash it before detangling it will lead to excesive tangling. If your hair is not properly detangled and takes more than 15 mins to detangle a $20 detangling fee will be assesed. If you have in ANY style it must be removed prior to entering the salon. CURLY CUT CLIENTS-The cut is done first, prior to cleansing and conditioning. Please arrive with clean,dry,detangled hair. A 1-3 day wash & go is ideal moderate amount of product in it to define your curls. Using a FLAKE-FREE gel or styling cream after cleansing is fine. Please DO NOT have any OIL, OIL BASED PRODUCTS or BUTTERS in your hair.If you are unsure of how to do one please contact me, no it doesnt have to be perfect. Your hair should hang loose with NO braids, buns, twist or braid outs, headbands, ponytails, updo styles, or any style that will alter your curl pattern. If you have to put your hair up to keep it detangled after styling, please take it down at least one hour prior to your appointment.

What is the difference between New & Returning Clients?

New clients are considered those who have never been seen for a service OR clients that have been seen before but have exceeded the 3 to 5 month scheduling period. New clients, for example, if you were seen for a service 2 years ago and you go to book a service today, you would be charged the NEW CLIENT price and have to book a NEW CLIENT service. This is because the level of products ie treatments and care your hair will need upon entering. Returning clients are those who are on a service schedule of being seen every 3 to 5 months

Should I do anything to my hair prior to an appointment with you?

Yes! I highly recommend detoxing your hair (meaning,clarifying your hair) if you are using any of the following product lines or products in your hair: Shea Moisture, Aussie, Cantu, Wen, Maui Moisture, Ecostyler, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Creme of Nature, or any products with super heavy oils and butters in them. I recommend detoxing your hair at least 2 weeks before your appointment day. Doing so will help you achieve the best results for your wash and go styling service with me. Kinky Curly Come Clean Clarifying Shampoo or Malibu C Undoo Goo is great for detoxing your hair.

I do not see the time I want available.

I open up my books 6 weeks at a time only. My current hours are Tues-Thurs 19-5* Fri 9-6 Sat 8-4 If you are looking for an appointment outside of that range, you will under Premium Appointment Category. My rate is 1.5x the usual service cost for appointments my normal work hours I do not currently have a waiting list BUT people cancel everyday so I would suggest checking the booking site often and following me on instgram as I post my last minute availibilty there in my stories.

What if I dont want a haircut I just want a trim?

I would like to first say I completely understand the angst we have when we hear the words haircut in the salon. Many of us have been traumatized by past expereinces of asking for a small trim and receiving a massive cut. Secondly I would like to normalize the word hair cut. Wether its a little(trim) or major inches being cut it requires the same shears(scissors) and technical ability. That being said I would like to assure you prior to any hair cutting service we will consult and decide how much or how little we will cut. I will cut you right in front of the mirror I promise you that you will be happy.