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Hi! My name is Chevelle but you can call me Chevy.

I am a licensed Cosmetologist located in Tampa, Fl,who specializes in curls and natural hair extensions. My expertise is in shaping and styling all types and textures of curly hair. I am passionate about educating my clients on maintaining the health and integrity of their hair in its natural state. I fully understand the emotional connection that we have to our hair, and I have made it my sincere objective to help you develop a better relationship with your curls.  I have realized that often, most women are frustrated and misinformed when it comes to caring for their hair. I take a realistic and science based approach to hair care. My goal is to make handling your natural hair easy and practical.

I I believe in using quality products with botanical ingredients to promote beautiful, healthy and hydrated curls. As my client, I am committed to helping you learn how to embrace, properly care for, and fall in love with your hair.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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